Artist and writer Julia Morrison told the New York Post that she put down $8,000 to help stage the Free Anna group show this past March and still hasn’t been paid back, according to a report published Monday.

Earlier this year, Morrison teamed up with Alfredo Martinez to put together the “Free Anna” group show. Morrison and Martinez both got a 25% cut of the profits made from the single work that Delvey contributed to the show, which was listed for $10,000. The remaining 50% was to go to Delvey herself. While Morrison said in an interview with the New York Post that she has received her cut, she hasn’t been paid back her initial $8,000 investment.

“I still have $8,000 on my credit card,” Morrison told the Post. “I can’t afford to just throw $8,000 worth of Anna Delvey’s expenses on my card. I wasn’t doing it to be a good friend to her. I did it for the show, knowing that I’d be paid back. At least that’s what Alfredo promised.”

Martinez told the Post that the project was still in the “spending phase” and that Morrison would get paid back eventually.

Morrison first came to media attention when she released screenshots of her text messages with actor Armie Hammer, where he described his sexual fantasies. Morrison later made NFTs of those screenshots.

Morrison also claims to have been cut off from Delvey’s solo show, which she expected to co-curate and receive profits from.

Neither Morrison, Martinez, or Delvey’s representative Chris Martin have responded to requests for comment.