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The Headlines

THE CITY OF ANGELS.Los Angeles’sRoberts Projectsgallery is expanding, with plans toleave its home in Culver Cityfor a new space in Hancock Park, theLos Angeles Timesreports. At 10,000 square feet, the new gallery is three times bigger than Roberts Projects’s current one. Fans ofBetye Saarwill also be pleased by the Hancock Park spot, which will feature a new architectural niche designed by the 96-year-old artist. In theNew York Times,Walker Mimmshas a review of aGetty Centershow aboutCy Twombly, whom Mimms writes had asecret funny side. AndSpectrum Newsspoke to artistCloe Hakakian, who painted alarge muraldepictingMahsa Aminiin L.A.

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WAS ALEXANDER REALLY SO GREAT?Depending on who you ask, the question has a variety of different answers. TheBritish Libraryin London is attempting to survey them with anew showexploring “the diverse and remarkably enduring legends that have sprung up about Alexander, and the ways successive cultures have shaped stories of him to their own ends,”Esther Addleywrites in theGuardian. Included are bits of papyrus, sculptures, and even aDCcomic about the war between the Macedonians and the Chinese. That last item irkedGuardiancriticJonathan Jones, who gave the show atwo-star review. “This is not unconsidered populism,” he wrote. “It’s something far worse.”

The Digest

Roberta Smithgave theGuggenheim Museum’sAlex Katzretrospective a positive review, writing that it “shows us talent, determination and individual sensibility being molded into great art and maintaining its momentum over time.”[The New York Times]

TheFine Arts Museums of San Franciscohave acquired aCanalettopainting from aChristie’sauction of works from the collection ofGordon Gettyand his late wifeAnn. FAMSF chairDiane B. Wileyput up the money to acquire the painting ahead of the sale.[San Francisco Chronicle]

The FBI said thatWendy Beard, a Birmingham art dealer, ran a scheme that involved taking a senior’sAnsel Adamsphotograph on consignment, selling it, and then keeping the profits. When that senior demanded the money, Beard allegedly claimed she was too sick to give it up because she had just had a double lung transplant.[Detroit Free Press]

Eric Booker, a former assistant curator and exhibitions coordinator at theStudio Museum in Harlem, has been named associate curator of theStorm King Art Centerin upstate New York.[The Art Newspaper]

A woman who claims to beBanksy’s ex-girlfriend is showing what she says are never-before-seen works by the artist at a show in Salford, England.[The Independent]

CuratorHelen Molesworth, whosepodcastabout the death of the artistAna Mendietarecently wrapped up, named her 10 favorite museums in the world.[Apple]

The Kicker

ISSUES AND COMMENTARY.The artistJayson Musson, who’s having a show at theFabric Workshop and Museumin Philadelphia, made a splash around a decade ago when he took up the character ofHennessy Youngmanand made a series of satirical videos addressing art history. On the occasion of his new exhibition,Musson was interviewed by his alma mater, theUniversity of Pennsylvania, whose design school he attended. Asked about what issues in contemporary art are most pressing, he said, “That question is better suited to a professional-type person enmeshed in that world, like a curator. I’m a bum [who] sometimes visits that plane of existence, but often can’t stay long due to nausea.”[Penn Today]