#Jonas Noël Niedermann

Supple Forms Bow and Bulge in Jonas Noël Niedermann Bow’s Colorful Glass Sculptures

March 2, 2023

Grace Ebert

All images © Jonas Noël Niedermann, courtesy of Chesterfield Gallery, shared with permission

In his new body of work titled Loops, Jonas Noël Niedermann plays with the possibilities of color, shape, and light. The Swiss artist is known for his keen interest in the malleable, varied properties of glass, and through a variety of hot and cold sculpting techniques, he creates elegant rings in a spectrum of jewel tones. Because of their curved and bowed edges, the delicate pieces shift in depth and color when viewed from different perspectives as sides appear layered or folded in. A brass finish also coats the bottom of each sculpture to accentuate the way light catches and casts prismatic shadows through the material.

Loops is on view from March 14 to April 4 at Chesterfield Gallery in New York. You can find more from the artist on his site and Instagram.


#Jonas Noël Niedermann


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