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Order and Chaos Converge in Yool Kim’s Emotionally Charged Works

March 23, 2023

Grace Ebert

All images © Yool Kim, shared with permission

Yool Kim seizes the disarray of our inner emotional landscapes by trapping energetically impassioned characters in her color-blocked works. Contorted bodies, floating heads, and abstractly shaped cut-outs reveal a range of moods and feelings all compacted into the rectangular canvas. Centered on linework and simple shapes the Seoul-based artist scratches into the composition, the mixed-media works feature stylized figures who emphasize play, sadness, and malaise.

Where pattern signals an underlying sense of order, the characters’ facial expressions veer in the opposite direction. “I draw myself. I want to express everything I feel in life, such as my thoughts that are not organized, my wishes, my relationships with people,” the artist shares. ” I draw a series of thoughts that are mixed in my head that have not matured, (that have) not grown unlike my body, as if dividing categories.”

Kim will have pieces on view in a solo show opening on March 24 at All About Art in Singapore and a group exhibition opening on March 25 at Brooklyn’s Court Tree Collection. Find an archive of her works on Instagram.


#mixed media
#Yool Kim


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