Two Dozen Artists Gather a Diverse Flock of Avians at Brassworks Gallery for ‘Birds Rising’

September 8, 2023

Kate Mothes

Diana Sudyka. All images © the artists, shared with permission courtesy of Brassworks Gallery

Mixed-media pieces by two dozen artists take flight in Birds Rising at Brassworks Gallery in Portland, Oregon, this month. Curated by artist Heiko Müller, a vibrant selection of works take feathered creatures as a starting point, showcasing a range of styles that reference mythology, fairytales, and quickly-changing habitats. Works by Diana Sudyka, El Gato Chimney, and Caitlin McCormack—among many others—highlight a variety of media almost as diverse as the avian world itself.

Birds Rising opens with a preview on September 9, and you can find more information on the gallery’s website and Instagram.


Richard Ahnert

Alexandra Lukaschewitz

Eiko Borcherdin

Ki Sung Koh

Ana Juan

El Gato Chimney

Mario Klingemann

Ryan Heshka



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