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Ememem Playfully Revitalizes Cracked Pavement With Vibrantly Patterned Tiles

September 7, 2023

Kate Mothes

Lyon, France. All images © Ememem, shared with permission

No crack in a wall, step, or curb is safe from Ememem’s delightful interventions. The Lyon-based artist (previously), also known as “the pavement surgeon,” continues to scout out gaps in sidewalks that he fills with colorful tiles. Akin to kintsugi, the Japanese practice of repairing broken pottery with gold to embrace the history of the object, Ememem’s technique doesn’t hide imperfections so much as highlight their possibilities. While making the surfaces safer to traverse, he adds gives new life to decaying urban walkways.

Find more of the artist’s work on his website, and keep track of new pieces on Instagram.


Corse, France

Decazeville, France

Arles, France

Marseille, France

Modena, Italy

Nantua, France

Paris, France

Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb, Croatia

#street art


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