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Over 100 Spectacular Artworks Line an Australian Beach for the Annual ‘Sculpture by the Sea’

October 24, 2023

Grace Ebert

The Glue Society, “Hot with A Chance of a Late Storm” (2006). Photo by Louise Beaumont. All images courtesy of Sculpture by the Sea, shared with permission

From a beefy seated gorilla to a sleek shell with human legs, a spectacular collection of public artworks currently populates the walk from Bondi to Tanarama beaches on Australia’s coast. Celebrating its 25th year in this location, the annual Sculpture by the Sea festival showcases more than 100 pieces in various mediums, styles, and sizes, all bordering the Pacific Ocean. Through early November, visitors to the two-kilometer stretch will encounter Gleb Dusavitskiy’s enormous pair of wings that soar into the sky, geometric shapes of translucent color by Emryn Ingram-Shute, and The Glue Society’s gloopy, melting ice cream truck, which debuted in the event’s 2006 edition.

Although temporary, Sculpture by the Sea is one of the largest outdoor sculpture parks in the world and on view through November 6. See more from the 2023 edition on Instagram.


Gleb Dusavitskiy, “I Believe I Can Fly.” Photo by Tyr Liang

Emryn Ingram-Shute, “No Colour in War.” Photo by Tyr Liang

Top left: Eiji Hayakawa, “Giant in the Forest.” Photo by Charlotte Curd. Top right: Markus Hofer, “Serum.” Photo by Henri Fanti. Bottom left: Laurence Edwards, “Man of Stones” (2022). Photo by Charlotte Curd. Bottom right: Osamu Ohnishi and Masako Ohnishi, “HITSUJI Hideout.” Photo by Henri Fanti

Tsukasa Nakahara, “Water Blocks 19-11” (2021). Photo by Charlotte Curd

Leda Alexopoulou, “Keep Walking.” Photo by Charlotte Curd

The Glue Society and James Dive, “Hot With the Chance Of A Late Storm” (2006-2022). Photo by Charlotte Curd

Juan Pablo Pinto and Cristian Rojas, “The Hermitage.” Photo by Charlotte Curd

#public art
#Sculpture by the Sea


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