The awards with bonuses in this finals are the grand prize (the highest prize), the gold award. The rest of the awards have no bonuses. The list of bonuses has been announced above.

The competition successfully attracted a total of 31,919 participants from China, the UK, and other regions, with 13,543 participants from China and 18,376 from the UK and beyond. A staggering 52,331 entries were received, and after careful deliberation, 7,892 pieces were awarded. Out of these award-winning entries, 362 pieces have been handpicked for exhibition. The organizing committee will reach out to the authors of all selected works and offer a participation fee of £60.

To inquire about other awards, please use the search box provided below. Enter the work ID you obtained during the preliminary round to proceed with your search.

Grand Prize (Highest Prize)

  • Alexander Smith / Olivia JohnsonToo – Delighted to Return
  • Ethan Taylor – Carefree Childhood

Gold Award (Final Award)

  • Isabella Brown – baby care room in public
  • 林子轩、陈嘉伟 – 思舟天枢博物馆
  • Matthew Davis / Abigail Wilson / Benjamin Roberts – Rainbow Alley
  • Emily Thompson – The Glory Remains on Hong Kong Island
  • Joseph Harris – Vertical “Neighborhood” Sustainable Vertical Transportation Space Design
  • William Martinez – Green Space Design in Front of Campus Building
  • Sophia Miller / James Anderson – Design of Reading Space for Rural Primary Schools
  • 张欣怡、李晓、刘思远 – 逸鹤之座
  • Mia Thompson – Evil Cannot Overpower the Many
  • Christopher Lee – Shared Home
  • 王雅婷、赵天俊、何慧敏 – 童梦多元空间设计
  • Elizabeth Hall – Gallery Garden – Modern Residential Space Design
  • Adam Nelson – Bamboo and Wood Space
  • 郭静宜 – 木艺之馆
  • 徐晨辰 – 居美空

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