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In ‘Creation,’ Vadim Sherbakov Captures a Macro Cosmos in Glitter and Ink

February 20, 2024

Kate Mothes

Vadim Sherbakov is no stranger to wild and expansive vistas (previously), training his lens on vast landscapes and dramatic events. A fascination with light, scale, and the wonders of the unknown permeate much of his work, from terrestrial subjects to his interest in the cosmos.

Rather than shooting through a telescope or homing in on celestial bodies, he transforms our understanding of the universe—as a crucible for the imagination, its physics, and its boundlessness—on a macro scale in his new high-definition video “Creation.”

Sherbakov expresses the incredible energy and power generated by astronomical phenomena like the Big Bang or supernovas, scaled down to fit inside the artist’s studio. An array of inks, alcohol, soaps, glitter, and other materials were painstakingly combined by set designer Luidmila Tregub, who set the substances in motion while Sherbakov captured twelve hours of footage—less than one percent of which made it into the final cut.

“Creation” continues the journey that the artist began in another short film titled “Velocity.” In the latest chapter, he implements new techniques and materials, including magnets and different liquids and inks.

Find more on Sherbakov’s website and Behance portfolio, and follow updates on Instagram.


All images © Vadim Sherbakov, shared with permission

#Vadim Sherbakov


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