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André Schulze Reimagines Traditional Still Life Paintings with Contemporary Pixellated Auras

March 28, 2024

Kate Mothes

“Bouquet No. 17” (2024), oil on vintage painting, 29.5 x 25.5 inches framed. All images © André Shulze, courtesy of Paradigm Gallery + Studio, shared with permission

When the paintings that form the foundations of André Schulze’s compositions were made, people likely had never heard of a pixel. The German artist’s elegantly framed revisions of vintage originals (previously) playfully nod to the art historical legacy of still lifes while adding a contemporary, digital-inspired twist.

Schulze’s reimagined paintings nod to the way we view art today, often interacting on our screens, which flattens and sometimes distorts the work. He superimposes a geometric veil evocative of large pixels that draw from the original piece’s blooms and leaves, creating a blurred impression of a bouquet. The hue in each square is carefully selected to express tone and contrast among its neighboring tiles, distilling the details into a vibrant aura.

Limited-edition prints of “Bouquet No. 12” and “Bouquet No. 17” are currently available for pre-order from Paradigm Gallery + Studio, and you can find more on the artist’s website and Instagram. You might enjoy checking out his process in this recent video, too.


“Bouquet No. 12” (2023), oil on vintage painting, 19.25 x 17 inches framed

“Bouquet No. 13” (2024), oil on vintage painting, 15.5 x 14.25 inches framed

“Bouquet No. 14” (2024), oil on vintage painting, 17 x 23.5 inches framed

“Bouquet No. 15” (2024), oil on vintage painting, 13 x 11 inches framed

“Bouquet No. 16” (2024), oil on vintage painting, 18.25 x 15 inches framed

#André Schulze
#art history
#still life


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