#Sarah Helen More

Kaleidoscopic Paintings by Sarah Helen More Pulse with Vibrant Energy

May 17, 2024

Grace Ebert

“Foolin Around.” All images © Sarah Helen More, courtesy of Garvey|Simon, shared with permission

Textile design and the visual language of quilting shine through in Sarah Helen More’s paintings. Her kaleidoscopic works pair various geometric and botanical motifs in patchworks of flat graphic color. Emitting a joyful, meditative energy, the vivid compositions directly tie to the artist’s childhood memories and experiences.

Growing up in Portland, Oregon, and Houston, More was exposed to her mother’s quilting practice and her father’s vast geology collection, and she fuses the two in her works, as organic imagery melds with stripes and bold blocks of color. Now inspired by her daily walks around her home in Seattle, the artist often begins with a photograph or sketch before translating the patterns to the canvas. “My work has always been a place of solace for me—a place where I ruminate on life events and escape into an abstract reality that brings comfort and exhilaration,” she adds.

More has some paintings available through Garvey|Simon, and you can find more of her practice on Instagram.



“167th and Division”

“Gravitron Zipper”

“Hide and Seek”

#Sarah Helen More


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