The 2022 edition of Art Basel opened to VIPs on Tuesday morning at the heart of Messeplatz, the convention center in its hometown Swiss city. With 289 galleries (just one shy of the 290 it gathered for its last pre-pandemic edition in 2019), the in-person fair has returned at full force to its traditional dates in mid-June.

Within the first hour, the aisles were teeming with so many art enthusiasts—collectors, advisers, curators, writers, and more—that navigating the fair promised to be difficult. What a hassle, indeed!

The excitement of attending the event, which showcased the work of some 4,000 artists, was so tangible that one had to elbow their way through the crowd. Wave goodbye to masks—social distancing seems like a distant memory.

“As the pandemic subsides, new crises arise,” Art Basel’s global director Marc Spiegler said at the press conference ahead of the fair, before expressing his support to Ukraine and concern about climate change, adding “We have done everything we could to reduce our ecological impact.” The aisle carpets will be recycled after the show and aluminum bottles have been distributed to exhibitors.

Below a look the best booths at this year’s marquee Swiss iteration of Art Basel, which runs through Sunday, June 19.