What would the art world be without a salacious lawsuit every few months?

While the selling off of great collections and the arrival of little-known artists can draw worldwide attention, a lawsuit can sometimes lead to a restructuring of how art is even made.

This year saw a slew of legal drama unfold in the courts. Inigo Philbrick, a budding secondary market impresario, was sentenced harshly (and justly) to dissuade future hucksters from toying with the art market while Top 200 collectors Steve Wynn and Ken Griffin fought with varying arms of the US government. And of course let us not forget the trolls: Ryder Ripps took on the Bored Apes (literally) and Kanye “Ye” West took on history, decency, and a small gallery in Miami.

But these cases are not merely entertainment. A lawsuit between the Andy Warhol Foundation and the photographer Lynn Goldsmithhas reached all the way to the Supreme Court. It could have wide and long lasting repercussions for the the way a generation of artists approach their practice.

Below, for your reading pleasure, the ten most interesting art-centered legal cases of 2022.