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What is Art’s Role in the Climate Crisis? Four Colossal Events Explore Connections and Solutions

July 20, 2023

Grace Ebert

“Build Me a Platform, High in the Trees” by Nathalie Miebach. Photo by Eric Lu

At the Precipice: Responses to the Climate Crisis opened last week at the Design Museum of Chicago with a vibrant collection of works considering what it feels like to live amid a global emergency. Through data, color, tactility, and beauty, ten artists and collectives create accessible entry points into this increasingly urgent issue. The exhibition, curated by Colossal, includes works by Selva Aparicio, Morel Doucet, Zaria Forman, Luftwerk, Nathalie Miebach, Chris Pappan, Redemptive Plastics, The Tempestry Project, Migwa Nthiga, and Jean Shin. It’s on view through October 30.

We’re excited to announce four events as part of At the Precipice that offer greater insight into the role of art and design in the climate crisis.


Luftwerk’s “White Wanderer”

Community-Led, Design-Followed: Responsibility of Design for the Future

On July 25, a conversation at the Design Museum of Chicago will bring together Bill Schleizer of Delta Institute, the Little Village Environmental Justice Organization, and Petra Bachmaier of Luftwerk to discuss the future of climate-informed design, using At the Precipice as a backdrop. The talk is part of the museum auxiliary board’s Community-led, Design-Followed speaker series.

Register here.


From left: Morel Doucet, Migwa Nthiga, Chris Pappan, and Justin Dwaun Redding

Artist Talk: Art + Climate Justice

What does justice look like in the age of the climate crisis? On August 30, artists Morel Doucet, Chris Pappan, and Migwa Nthiga will join moderator Justin Dwaun Redding to talk about the links between environmental destruction and racism, how those differ across regions, and the role of art in shaping a more equitable future.

This virtual conversation is hosted by the Design Museum of Chicago and will be recorded. Register here.


Inside the Happy Returns studio

Volunteer at Happy Returns Studio

On September 16, join us for a volunteer day at the Happy Returns studio, home of Redemptive Plastics. During this four-hour session, you’ll learn the ins and outs of the team’s innovative plastic recycling process and lend a hand in repurposing household waste.

Space is limited to 16 volunteers, so reserve your spot now.


A still from ‘After Antarctica’

After Antarctica Screening at Gene Siskel Film Center

On September 20, join us for a screening of Tasha van Zandt’s After Antarctica (2021). The award-winning feature-length documentary follows renowned polar explorer Will Steger’s life journey as an eyewitness to the greatest changes in the polar regions of our planet. Thirty years after his historic expedition across the coldest continent on Earth, Steger is not only known for being the first in history to complete this historic feat–he is also the last.

A discussion will follow the film. Tickets will be available soon.


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