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Vibrant Lines of Paper Twist and Surge Through Ilhwa Kim’s Dynamic Landscapes

September 22, 2023

Grace Ebert

“Atomic Wind” (2023), hand-dyed Hanji paper, 184 x 152 x 13 centimeters. All images © Ilhwa Kim, courtesy of HOFA Gallery, shared with permission

Meandering rows of flat paper seeds flow through Ilhwa Kim’s landscapes, creating densely lined paths among the abstract expanses. The South Korean artist (previously) rolls tight wads of Hanji paper, which she’s dyed primarily in greens and blues with occasional pinks and yellows, and binds the individual components in a rectangular form. Variances between the slim, tall seeds and the short, wider pieces add texture and depth to the aerial-inspired works that appear to look down at a settlement or pastoral scene from above.

The sculptures shown here are part of Kim’s forthcoming solo show at London’s HOFA Gallery titled Tacticle Hands. Referring to the pieces as “living architecture,” the artist gravitates toward movement, conveying heaving breaths or the way a breeze can make a field of grass seem as if it’s dancing. “I create artworks that combine sculpture and painting in order to explore the richness, dynamism, and depth of sensory experience on canvas,” she says. “These layered, entangled, and ever-evolving sensory experiences, happening in a world defined by nature’s infinite possibilities, are what I strive to capture in my works.”

Tactile Hands is on view from September 29 to October 11. You can find more of Kim’s sculptures on Instagram.


“Developer” (2023), hand-dyed Hanji paper, 119 x 93 x 13 centimeters

“Archaeological White” (2023), hand-dyed Hanji paper, 132 x 164 x 13 centimeters

“Private Walk” (2023), hand-dyed Hanji paper, 119 x 93 x 13 inches

“Rocket’s High” (2023), hand-dyed Hanji paper, 119 x 93 x 13

“Low Altitude Flight” (2023), hand-dyed Hanji paper, 192 x 224 x 13 centimeters

“Tender Strokes” (2023), hand-dyed Hanji paper, 132 x 164 x 13 centimeters

#Ilhwa Kim


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