#Toon Joosen

Toon Joosen Splices Snapshots of ’60s Life into Tongue-in-Cheek Collages

November 8, 2023

Grace Ebert

“Oh, island in the sun.” All images © Toon Joosen, shared with permission

Artist Toon Joosen (previously) continues his retro mashups, splicing two distinct images into ironic and amusing juxtapositions. Having amassed an enormous archive of magazines and newspapers from the 1960s, Joosen tends to identify a pair of clippings “that together strengthen or alienate the whole,” he says. Through warped perspectives and exaggerated scales, the resulting collages reveal the artist’s signature wit as they depict people lounging on massive lilypads, a young boy spraying whipped cream on a beach, and a fisherman reeling in love.

Joosen sells his collages as prints, cards, and more on Etsy, and you can follow his latest creations on Instagram.


“Let’s take the stairs”

“Let’s make a story of our own!”

“It’s the same boy who puts snow on mountaintops”

“True love that’s a wonder these days …”

“Hold on, I’m coming …”

“I still haven’t found what i’m looking for…”

#Toon Joosen


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