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Vibrant Figures Soar and Swing Above Buzzing Cities in Millo’s Vibrant Murals

November 30, 2023

Kate Mothes

“Soltar Papagaio” (2023), Itabira, Brazil. All images © Millo, shared with permission

Italian artist Francesco Camillo Giorgino, who works as Millo (previously), has a penchant for transforming featureless walls into emotive, airy scenes. Floating above black-and-white cityscapes dotted with clouds and airplanes, central figures pop with color as they soar on kites or swings, haul heavy loads, or interact with flora and fauna.

The artist’s bold, outlined style lends itself to a puzzle-like interplay between the painting and the architecture, sometimes drawing attention to apertures, like in “An Open Door,” or incorporating the outline of a roof. “I’ve been into murals for a long time, but recently I focused a bit more into details,” Millo tells Colossal. “I’ve always been into black-and-white, even if in the last few years, a lot of colors and shades started to appear in my artworks. Now, for example, I not only try to improve the quality of my artworks, but I love to hide little easter eggs in my murals.”

Millo’s compositions are inspired by a wide variety of everyday experiences, from news heard on the radio to an interesting fact in an old history book. “As you’ll notice, scrolling through the pages of my works, all of them convey different messages. Most of the time, they depend on the places where I’m painting,” he says. Millo wants his murals to fit into their sites and reflect the histories of each place, presenting specific stories as a universal experiences.

See more of Millo’s work on his website, and follow him on Instagram for updates.


“Coração cheio” (2023), Lagoinha, São Paulo, Brazil. Photo by Thiago Santos Martins

“A Moment” (2022), Leeuwarden, Netherland

“Essential” (2022), Amman, Jordan. Photo by Mirella Moschella

“An Open Door” (2022), Le Barcarès, France

“Lymph” (2021), Monticello Amiata, Tuscany, Italy

“Blooming Again” (2022), Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

“The Sound of the Waves” (2021), Sant’Antioco, Sardinia Italy

“When We Thought We Could Fly” (2023), Pristina, Kosovo

#public art
#street art


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