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Otherworldly Plants Sprout Colorful Stems and Blooms in Kaori Kurihara’s Incredibly Detailed Ceramics

December 26, 2023

Kate Mothes

“Clown verdoyant” (2023). All images © Kaori Kurihara, shared with permission

Elegant petals, scalloped fans, and seed-like textures coat the Kaori Kurihara’s whimsical ceramic sculptures (previously). She incorporates delicate botanical details with eccentric forms, melding realism with fiction. “I try to associate imaginary plants with a more realistic feeling, so I observe more consciously the environment in which they grow,” Kurihara tells Colossal. She also grows different types of plants from seed in order to observe and record details as they grow. “The aim is to create something that looks more alive and closer to life,” she adds.

Kurihara’s work is featured in the forthcoming book Ceramic Artists on Creative Processes, scheduled for release in February from Prestel. Pre-order your copy on Bookshop, and explore more on the artist’s website and Instagram.


Detail of “Clown verdoyant”

“Collectionneur de silence” (2023)

“En réponse au claire de lune” (2023)

Detail of “En réponse au claire de lune”

“Hug Me Quick” (2023)

Left: Detail of “Collectionneur de silence.” Right: Detail of “Hug Me Quick”

“Danseuse de boîte à musique” (2023)

#Kaori Kurihara


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