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Aurélie Hoegy’s Surging Rattan Forms Oscillate Between Interior Design and Sculpture

February 10, 2024

Jackie Andres

“WILD FIBERS Tapestry.” Image © Gordon Spooner, shared with permission

Paris-based artist Aurélie Hoegy expertly conjures a seamless vacillation between movement, material, and environment within her dynamic rattan sculptures. Unrelenting ebbs and flows emanate through each form, akin to the beguiling dance of ocean waves. Wild Fibers is a series in which Hoegy harnesses the strength and malleability of the material, inviting a dialogue between gesture and object.

Having grown up amongst the vegetation of the tropical rainforest, Hoegy has always been fascinated by rattan. In a stroke of fate, a residency in Bali catalyzed her rediscovery of the fiber, prompting her to fall in love with its qualities once again and immerse herself in its history with the help of local artisans. She explains:

I was fascinated by the gestures of the craftsmen: they work with their whole body, even their feet. They dance with the fiber. It’s a refined piece of work, and they were delighted to pass on to me their know-how, which they know is under threat.

Whether the final product is a chaise, sofa, or chair, each piece begins by preparing models. Using a 3D printer, the artist approaches the feat by considering the material’s integrity. Hoegy explains, “I take into account both the natural and mechanical reactions of the fiber, letting it live and express itself. It is a collaboration!” As a result, sumptuous forms undulate with life, documenting the dance between body and medium.

The artist is looking forward to an exciting and busy year, with forthcoming shows in Texas and Mexico. Be sure to follow her Instagram for updates, and view more work on her website.


Detail of “WILD FIBERS Tapestry.” Image © Gordon Spooner

Left: Detail of rattan fibers, image © Gordon Spooner. Right: “WILD FIBERS Favorite,” image © Bruno Pellarin

“WILD FIBERS Curves.” Image © Gordon Spooner

Detail of rattan plaiting. Image © Bruno Pellarin


Detail of rattan plaiting. Image © Gordon Spooner

Image © Gordon Spooner

#Aurélie Hoegy


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