While the art world may be full of nepo babies who attained their position at least in part on the strength of their surname, that hasn’t scared off Field Recruitment, a recently launched recruiting and consulting firm that caters specifically to the art world.

Field is aiming to help open the art world to aspirants—plebeian and patrician alike—by matching businesses with people who have the most suitable skills. The company’s founders, Ines de Seroux and Megan O’Dell, come with serious art world bona fides, having spent a combined three decades at Gagosian, Pace, Sotheby’s, Phillips, and elsewhere.  

“The size and visibility of the art world has grown exponentially over the past decade, and art businesses, institutions and other non-profits have been racing to professionalize their operations,” de Seroux recently told ARTnews. That visibility (and cultural cachet) has led to rising interest in art world careers among people who may not have the connections or history necessary to navigate spaces as insular as galleries or institutions. 

“There is a need in the art market for a different approach. Ines and I understand first-hand the demands and nuances of different roles and what traits and skills are needed for candidates to be successful in each position,” Megan O’Dell told ARTnews.

Ready those CVs, everyone.