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Salman Khoshroo’s Busts Challenge the Conventions of Polymer

March 7, 2024

Jackie Andres

“PHS-06” (2023). All images © Salman Khoshroo, shared with permission

In a recent progression of work, Iranian artist Salman Khoshroo (previously) pushes the boundaries of polymer. Thick globs of the industrial material are mixed into a gummy consistency in hues of tinted primary colors mixed with black and white. In an impressively captivating balance of tousled dabs and methodical dollops, Khoshroo sculpts gestural busts, evoking human essence with a minimal number of strokes.

The Polymer Series came into existence from an ongoing investigation of different materials and their artistic potential. Elaborating on this process of exploration, the artist shares, “I search for materials with interesting behaviors that embody a certain kind of empathetic physical feel. This material is very gestural on its own: The pieces dance and wrestle with this sticky substance to shape it into its final human forms.”

For more work, see Khoshroo’s website and follow his Instagram.


“PHS-05” (2023)

“PHS-01” (2023)

“PHS-07” (2023)

“PHS-04” (2023)

“PHS-02” (2023)

“PHS-03” (2023)

#Salman Khoshroo


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