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Giant Robot’s Fifth Biennale Celebrates Asian American Pop Culture

March 13, 2024

Jackie Andres

“Imagination” by Felicia Chiao. All images © the artists, shared with permission

Returning to the Japanese American National Museum for the fifth time, the Giant Robot Biennale showcases a diverse selection of artworks from Asian and Asian American creatives. The show’s lineup includes an array of artists including Giorgiko, Taylor Lee, Luke Chueh, and others previously featured on Colossal such as Rain Szeto and Felicia Chiao.

Originally created in the ’90s by Eric Nakamura as a magazine, Giant Robot celebrates alternative Asian American pop culture relating to the punk scene, comic books, pop art, vinyl toys, and graphic arts. Paying homage to the publication that created a safe space for Asian American creativity decades ago, the recurring exhibition does the same for artists today.

The recent show was Chiao’s first museum opening. Working in her signature style with watercolor and ink, Chiao ventured outside of her comfort zone to create some of her largest pieces so far, incorporating several motifs related to the essence of Giant Robot. Reflecting on the opening she shares, “I was lucky enough to show with a wonderful group of AAPI artists and the turnout was incredible and humbling. The love was overwhelming and getting to spend time with so many other artists always inspires me to get back to making more work.”

The biennale is on view until September, and Giant Robot’s 30th-anniversary book will come out this year, complete with a cover illustrated by Chiao herself.


“Giant Robot Cover” by Felicia Chiao

“Mega Mazinger” by Taylor Lee

“Far From Home 1” by Giorgiko

Left: “Dome 02.” Right: Dome 06″ by Yoskay Yamamoto

“Golden Eye” by Luke Chueh

“Waiting” by Felicia Chiao

“Bloating” by Felicia Chiao

“Shop Cat 2” by Rain Szeto

“Fruit Dude 2” by Rain Szeto

“Maybe in Another Life” by Felicia Chiao

Cover art for Fort Minor’s “The Rising Tied” album, by Mike Shinoda



#Felicia Chiao
#Pop art
#Rain Szeto


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