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Sacred Geometries and Scientific Diagrams Merge in the Metaphysical World of Daniel Martin Diaz

March 20, 2024

Kate Mothes

All images © Daniel Martin Diaz, shared with permission

Nature, science, perception, and the arcane merge to form the foundational philosophy of Daniel Martin Diaz’s practice. For the Tucson-based artist, “art serves as a mirror to humanity, a narrative medium that delves into the physical and metaphysical realms.”

Diaz’s diagrammatical compositions draw from a wide range of sources, tapping into an aesthetic we often associate with early scientific or medical publications, filled with detailed black-and-white illustrations. Charts, geometry, astronomical phenomena, architecture, and the human body are just a few of the subjects he combines into orderly, sometimes surreal visual structures.

The artist describes his work as “a quest to articulate the ineffable,” juxtaposing references to technology with the unseen forces of the universe through which everything—and everyone—is connected. Through his vivid, illustrative pieces, he ponders “the implications of technology on humanity’s future and our collective responsibility towards the world and each other.”

If you’re in North Carolina, you can see Diaz’s work in The New Salon: A Contemporary View at the Asheville Art Museum through August 19 alongside Kumkum Fernando, Caitlin McCormack, Ravi Zupa, and many more.

Find more on the Diaz’s website, where he has puzzles, card decks, and books available for purchase. And follow updates on Instagram.


#Daniel Martin Diaz


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