The Gwangju Biennale, the most high-profile recurring art festival in Asia, has revealed the artists that will take part in the 2024 show, due to open in the South Korean city on September 7.

The exhibition is this time being curated by Nicolas Bourriaud, a French curator best known for theorizing the relational aesthetics style of the 1990s. As is typical for Bourriaud’s exhibitions, his Gwangju Biennale comes with an ambitious framework that envisions sound as a means of structuring life as we know it.

Its title is “Pansori, a soundscape of the 21st century,” a reference to a 17th-century Korean musical genre. “In Korean,” the biennial’s announcement notes, “pansori literally means ‘the noise from the public place’, which could also now be translated as ‘the voice of the subalterns,’” a possible reference to the field of subaltern studies, which has been crucial to scholars in understanding postcolonial South Asia.

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Bourriaud’s description for the show promises a focus on multiverses, “a sonic image for a saturated space,” climate change, and nature more broadly. In addition to the artworks on view, there will also be an opera staged to mark the show’s opening.

The full artist list follows below.

Saâdane Afif
Haseeb Ahmed
Deniz Aktaş
Noel W. Anderson
Andrius Arutiunian
Kevin Beasley
Wendimagegn Belete
Bianca Bondi
Dora Budor
Peter Buggenhout
Angela Bulloch
Alex Cerveny
Cheng Xinhao
Choi Haneyl
Gaëlle Choisne
Anna Conway
Binta Diaw
John Dowell
Hayden Dunham
Liam Gillick
Loris Gréaud
Matthias Groebel
Matthew Angelo Harrison
Marguerite Humeau
Agata Ingarden
Hye Joo Jun
Jun Hyoung San
Kim Hyeong Suk
Kim Jayi
YoungEun Kim
Dominique Knowles
Agnieszka Kurant
Hyewon Kwon
Netta Laufer
Brianna Leatherbury
Yein Lee
Oswaldo Maciá
Mira Mann
Cinthia Marcelle
Vladislav Markov
Beaux Mendes
Myriam Mihindou
Na Mira
Saadia Mirza
David Noonan
Katja Novitskova
Josèfa Ntjam
Emeka Ogboh
Frida Orupabo
Lydia Ourahmane
Mimi Park
Philippe Parreno
Amol K. Patil
Harrison Pearce
Lucy Raven
Tabita Rezaire
Marina Rheingantz
Marina Rosenfeld
Max Hooper Schneider
Franck Scurti
Soomin Shon
Jura Shust
Marianna Simnett
Sofya Skidan
Anastasia Sosunova
Jakob Kudsk Steensen
Sung Tieu
Julian Abraham “Togar”
Unmake Lab
Yuyan Wang
Ambera Wellmann
Kandis Williams
Phillip Zach