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In Billowing Sculptures, Joris Kuipers Suspends Cloud-Like ‘Gardens’ from the Ceiling

April 11, 2024

Kate Mothes

“Jardin Suspendus 3.” All images © Joris Kuipers, shared with permission

Although trained in traditional painting techniques, Dutch artist Joris Kuipers isn’t satisfied with the constraints of a rectangular frame or pieces that sit stationary on the wall. His undulating, cloud-like installations appear to float and flutter as if a clump of giant, colorful autumn leaves have been tossed upwards and frozen in mid-air.

In his ongoing series Jardin Suspendus and In Bloom, Kuipers invokes the atmosphere of gardens. Floral-like shapes overlap, swell, and skitter in site-specific installations, whether hanging from the ceiling or flaring up from pedestals. Installed on stem-like supports, the vibrant forms playfully evade a single definition, taking on the organic, blossoming quality of flowers, coral, or lichen.

Kuipers was recently commissioned by U.K.-based agency ArtLink for a series of works in red niches that will eventually be installed in a new cruise ship. Find more on the artist’s website and Instagram.


“Jardin Suspendus 1”

“In Bloom”

“Jardin Suspendus 2”

Detail of “Jardin Suspendus 3”

Ceiling detail of “Jardin Suspendus 3”

Left and right: Two pieces from the “In Bloom” series

“INBLOOM!,” Raffles at Galaxy Hotel, Macau

#Joris Kuipers
#public art


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