#Pep Carrio

Thousands of Daily Diary Drawings by Pep Carrió Unfurl an Enigmatic World

April 9, 2024

Kate Mothes

All images © Pep Carrió, shared with permission

Strange and wondrous events take place with every turn of the page in Pep Carrió’s continuing daily diary series (previously). In 2007, the artist challenged himself to draw every day, and an easy way to keep himself both motivated and accountable was to fill up an entire Moleskine datebook. With whatever materials were at hand, he began a project that kept his creative wheels turning while challenging the possibilities of a simple two-page spread.

Carrió’s illustrations range from fantastical scenes of adventure, like a whale dipping below a diminutive boat full of sightseers, to metaphysical scenes of anonymous figures who wander through enigmatic landscapes, floating calmly or rooting in place like trees. Flipping through the sketchbooks, the chronology unfolds sequentially, but the narrative remains a beguiling mystery.

Find more on Carrió’s website, and follow regular updates on Instagram.



#Pep Carrio


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