The awards with bonuses in this finals are the grand prize (the highest prize), the gold award (the highest prize) and the gold award (the final prize). The rest of the awards have no bonuses. The list of bonuses has been announced above.

A total of 36,920 people participated in the competition, including 13,221 people from China and 23,699 people from the United Kingdom and other regions. A total of 362 works were selected for the exhibition in this competition. For all invited works, the organizing committee will contact the author himself and provide a £60 exhibition fee.

For other awards, please log in to the member system to view the corresponding work code, and fill in the work code query in the query system

Grand Prize (Highest Prize)

  • Barret Strachey – All-round
  • 刘钰(Mona) – Protect the earth – University of the Arts London

Gold Award (Highest Award)

  • 위민지(魏敏智) – 꿈 없는 여행
  • 周书希、孙赫悦洋 – 枝头的莲花 – 兰州大学
  • Angela O’Neil – Geometric world
  • 李珣(Hedy) – London Pastoral Painting Space – University of Bath
  • Elsa Larkin – Life and the ocean

Gold Award (Final Award)

  • Boyd Nora – circulate zabra
  • Joy Johnny Dialect – University of Exeter
  • 刘琴欣(Cara Timothy)伦敦印象 – University of Kent
  • Dennis Joyce Wood grain · track
  • 伍岳(Viola Bertha)The meeting of light and shadow
  • Myra Samuel – Disease – University of Warwick
  • Tim Steinbeck  Tear-off medicine bag – University of Stirling
  • Nydia Wheeler Fear bento
  • Ellis Anderson  Middle-aged woman
  • Viola Bertha Fading hope
  • Sean Grace Green Creative Cultural Industry Center
  • Kama Louise Urban Arteries – Spatial Reconstruction
  • Beatrice Lizzie – Distant expectations
  • Abel Juliana – Design of Public Space Based on Narrative Space
  • Lilith Simpson – The symbiosis of line and nature