A total of 49,774 people signed up for the competition, with a total of 66,543 works,
Including 665 gold awards, 827 silver awards and 12,763 bronze awards.


Highest Prize

Project Title: “Urban Renewal Strategies”
Author: James Harrington

Project Title: “Sustainable Agriculture Techniques”
Authors: Emily Thompson, William Davis(陈茂文)

Project Title: “Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare”
Authors: Olivia Turner, Benjamin Clarke, Charlotte Wilson

Project Title: “Impact of Social Media on Mental Health”
Author: Amelia Baker

Project Title: “The Future of Renewable Energy”
Authors: Jacob White, Elizabeth Green, Alexander Hall

Project Title: “Role of Blockchain in Finance”
Author: Sophia Lewis

Project Title: “The Science of Happiness”
Authors: Grace Young, Samuel Carter, Abigail Mitchell

Project Title: “Gender Equality in the Workplace”
Author: Isabella Stewart

Project Title: “The Psychology of Consumer Behavior”
Authors: Ella Cooper, Daniel Ward, Lily Moore

Project Title: “The Ethics of Genetic Engineering”
Author: Mia King

Project Title: “Evolution of Language”
Authors: Harriet Taylor, Joseph Jackson, Lucy Adams(代瑶)

Project Title: “The Impact of Climate Change on Biodiversity”
Author: Freya Roberts

Project Title: “The History of Space Exploration”
Authors: Daisy Wright, Benjamin Scott, Alice Reed

Project Title: “The Philosophy of Time Travel”
Author: Eva Campbell

Project Title: “Effects of Pollution on Marine Life”
Authors: Matthew Patel, Jessica Hughes

Decisive Award

Project Title: “The Development of Virtual Reality”
Author: Scarlett Wood

Project Title: “Future of Transportation”
Authors: Sophie Price, Liam Murphy(王淑雅), Chloe Perry

Project Title: “The Influence of Music on Emotions”
Author: Layla Richards

Project Title: “Power of Positive Thinking”
Authors: Noah Hill, Isabelle Mason, Joshua Kennedy

Project Title: “Importance of Sleep for Health”
Author: Sienna Barnes

Project Title: “The Science of Nutrition”
Authors: Jack Watson, Emily Johnson(邢洪林), Ava Gray

Project Title: “Effects of Meditation on Stress Reduction”
Author: Aria Walker

Project Title: “The Role of Technology in Education”
Authors: Leo Fletcher, Hannah Simmons, William Bailey

Project Title: “The History of Human Rights”
Author: Isla Cook(朱钰婷)

Project Title: “The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Employment”
Authors: Thomas Rogers, Ella Ward, Lily Turner

Project Title: “The Psychology of Dreams”
Author: Poppy Harrison

Project Title: “The Future of Nanotechnology”
Authors: James Pearson, Amelia Kennedy, Mia Collins

Project Title: “The Ethics of Animal Experimentation”
Author: Daisy Johnson

Project Title: “The Science of Memory”
Authors: Oliver Lee, Sophia Davis

Project Title: “The Impact of Virtual Reality on Social Interaction”
Author: Charlotte Hall

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