Organizer: Turner Contemporary Art Museum, British Overseas Chinese Artists Association

Organised by: China Overseas Exchange Association (China), University of Dundee (UK)

Supported by: University of the Arts London, Edinburgh College of Art

The BICC is an international art and design competition organised by the Turner Contemporary Art Gallery and the British Overseas Chinese Artists Association, and hosted by the China Overseas Exchange Association (China) and the University of Dundee (UK), and it is an international competition recognised by the European Design Association BEDA.

The BICC International Creative Competition is organised by the British Overseas Chinese Artists’ Association in collaboration with the Turner Contemporary Art Museum and the China Overseas Exchange Council to support the continued development of the creative industries and to encourage young students studying in creative arts institutions in China and the UK, and to provide a platform for their continued development in the creative industries and art and design.


<What is BICC?>

– BICC is known as the Britain International Creative Competition

– This event has been a competition for design, art and fine art

– Encouraging and supporting the development of thinking among art students in China and the UK

– Providing a platform for artists and designers from China and the UK to exchange ideas


<BICC Accreditation Standards>

The jury was made up of 68 leading artists and designers from China and the UK, distinguished academics and the Turner Prize’s Managing Jurors. All entries were judged through two rounds of voting.

The two rounds of reviews are divided into: a visual review and a research review.

“The first round of judging will be conducted by three judges, who will rate each entry and determine the finalists by averaging their scores.

“The second round of judging will be conducted by five judges who will rate the shortlisted entries and decide on the corresponding awards.


<BICC Awards Schedule>

– The BICC is divided into a ‘Winning Award’ and a ‘Joint Award’

– The ‘Winners’ Award’ is a divisional event (UK and China) and the ‘Joint Award’ is the Grand Final.


<BICC “Winning Award” Award>

– The BICC is divided into China and the UK, which is divided into four regions – England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

– The Chinese and British regions will each be awarded the corresponding ‘Winners’ awards (Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Finalists).

– We have applied to the organising committee for the winning entries of the ‘Winning Award’ to receive the corresponding electronic proof of award.

– The ‘Gold, Silver and Bronze’ awards from the British and Chinese regions will eventually be entered into the ‘BICC’ Joint Awards’.

– The number of “Winning Award” winners was approximately 15% of the total number of entries.

– The entries for both the ‘Winning Award’ and the ‘Joint Award’ were judged at the University of Dundee, UK.


<BICC “Joint Award” Award>

– A total of 14 winning entries will be selected for the Joint Prize, which has two seasons.

– BICC Best Design Award (2 pieces) – Prize money: £6000

– BICC Best Idea Award (2 pieces) – Prize money: £6000

– BICC Gold Award (2 pieces) – Prize money: £4000

– BICC Silver Award (2 pieces) – Prize money: £3000

– BICC Bronze Award (2 pieces) – Prize money: £2000

– BICC Nomination Prize (4 pieces) – Prize money: £1000


<BICC Tournament Schedule>

– BICC “Winning Award” (next season) Submission Period: 15 August 2021 ~ 15 October 2021

– BICC ‘Winners’ Award’ (next season) winners announced: 30 October 2021

– BICC ‘Joint Awards’ (next season) winners announced: 15 December 2021


<BICC competition theme>

Designated theme: Circulation

Design is a cycle, from vapour wave to acid vision, from anthropomorphism to flatness to anthropomorphism and so on to a new cycle, art is a cycle, so is biology, so is development.

Free theme.

No limitations, no restriction to any expressive techniques or forms of expression, please let your mind loose for unlimited creativity.


<BICC Submission Arrangement>

BICC submissions are divided into four categories, namely

Graphic design (including poster design, brand design, packaging design, UI design, website design, book design, photography, video design, etc.)

Industrial product design (including product design, industrial design, clothing design, jewellery design, etc.)

Architectural interior and landscape design (including architectural design, landscape design, interior design, etc.)

Artistic creation (including painting, arts and crafts, ceramic art, illustration, concept creation, etc.)


<BICC Submission Method>

– Please send your work and application form to , email title requested Title of work – author’s name.

– Once you have sent your entry successfully, please send it to the organising committee by post.

– There will be a maximum of five entries per person and a maximum of four authors per entry.

– Click here to download the application form


<BICC Entry Fee>

– £25 per piece

Please use paypal to transfer funds to


<BICC works copyright>

– The copyright of the winning entry belongs to the designer.

– The tournament organising committee may use the work in the touring exhibition of the event (the winner will be notified in advance).



Contact: 0044-7894 655 265

Address: Lennon Studios, 145 cambridge court L43G, UK